Monday, September 30
08:45 SLAC Tour starts
10:00 LBNL Tour starts
17:00 Registration available at Granlibakken
19:00 Dinner
Tuesday, October 1
07:30 Breakfast
08:30 Welcome
08:35 Session: Lab Status/Activities/Highlights
08:35 KEK Lab Talk Takako Miura
08:52 SPring8 Lab Talk Yuji Otake
09:09 JLab Lab Talk Tomasz Plawski
09:21 LBNL Lab Talk Gang Huang
09:33 Fermilab Lab Talk Brian Chase
09:50 ORNL Lab Talk Mark Crofford
10:02 CERN Lab Talk Wolfgang Hofle
10:20 break
10:40 Session: Lab Status/Activities/Highlights
10:40 DESY Lab Talk Holger Schlarb
11:02 BNL Lab Talk Kevin Smith
11:19 SLAC Lab Talk Bo Hong
11:31 SwissFEL Lab Talk Roger Kalt
12:00 Session: Systems
12:00 Progress in Low Level RF System at FLASH Facility Valeri Ayvazyan (DESY)
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Session: Systems
14:00 Update on XFEL LLRF system development and production Julien Branlard (DESY)
14:25 Recent Progress of LLRF System for SACLA Yuji Otake (SPring-8)
14:50 LLRF system for the HIE-Isolde Daniel Valuch (CERN)
15:15 Crab Cavity system for the LHC high-luminosity upgrade. Proposed LLRF Philippe Baudrenghien (CERN)
15:50 break
16:10 DSP Tutorial I: Basic Theory Tim Berenc (ANL)
16:55 Session: Other
16:55 Standardization of EPICS Device Support for data acquisition Stefan Simrock (ITER)
17:20 LLRF Using SoC FPGAs in a Multiple Development Tool Environment Philip Varghese (FNAL)
17:55 Announcements
18:00 Reception
19:00 Dinner
Wednesday, October 2
07:30 Breakfast
08:30 Announcements
08:35 Keynote: Applications of X-Ray Light Sources John Byrd (LBNL)
09:20 Session: Hardware
09:20 Leading-Edge Hardware Family for LLRF and Diagnostics in CERN's Synchrotrons John Molendijk (CERN)
09:45 RF Backplane for MTCA.4 Based LLRF Control System Krzysztof Czuba (DESY)
10:20 break
10:40 DSP Tutorial II, Real-life Implementation Geetha Narayan (BNL)
11:25 MTCA.4 Fast Digitizer Samer Bou Habib (DESY)
11:50 Standardization of ITER Instrumentation and Controls based on Hardware Catalogs Stefan Simrock (ITER)
12:15 Topical Discussion: Trends in FPGA development tools
12:30 Lunch
19:00 Working Banquet (Gar Woods)
Thursday, October 3
07:30 Breakfast
08:30 Announcements
08:35 Realizing the Potential of High-Performance Data Converters Tom Linnenbrink (Teqnovations)
09:20 Session: Operations
09:20 LLRF to Extend the Present LHC RF System to High-Lumi Beam Currents Themis Mastoridis (Cal Poly)
09:50 Cavity autorecovery with beam Angela Salom (CELLS)
10:20 break
10:40 DSP Tutorial part III: Avoiding Resource Overutilization Larry Doolittle (LBNL)
11:25 Session: Operations
11:25 Multiharmonic beam loading compensation in the J-PARC synchrotrons Fumihiko Tamura (J-PARC)
11:50 Beam-Based Feedback for the European XFEL Sven Pfeiffer (DESY)
12:15 Short (optional) presentations from student posters
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Posters, Exhibitors
19:00 Dinner
Friday, October 4
07:30 Breakfast
08:30 Announcements
08:35 DSP Tutorial part IV: System Simulation from Design Through Commissioning Stefan Simrock (ITER)
09:20 In Memoriam: Ron Akre
09:30 Session: SRF & Piezo
09:30 Performance of CW superconducting cavity at ERL test facility Feng Qiu (KEK)
09:55 RF Operational Experience with High QL CW SRF Cavities Rama Bachimanchi (JLab)
10:20 break
10:40 Session: SRF & Piezo
10:40 Development and Test of Digital LLRF Control Procedures and Techniques in Scope of ILC Mathieu Omet (KEK)
11:05 Active Disturbance Rejection Control in Superconducting Radio Frequency Cavities Shen Zhao (MSU)
11:30 Piezo characterization, tests and operation at FLASH Mariusz Grecki (DESY)
12:00 Topical Discussion: Piezo control math
12:15 Topical Discussion: Quirks of various high power RF sources
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Announcements
14:05 Session: Phase Calibration
14:05 Properties of a Distortion-Compensating Phase Calibration Processor Larry Doolittle (LBNL)
14:30 XFEL MO and RF Phase Reference Distribution Krzysztof Czuba (DESY)
14:55 closeout
15:00 gavel