The Sixth Low-Level Radio Frequency Workshop

Dates: Tuesday, October 1st to Friday October 4, 2013

Location: Granlibakken Resort, Lake Tahoe, California, USA

Host Institutions: LBNL and SLAC

Sophisticated and robust Low-Level RF systems are essential to control RF structures and their power sources in modern particle accelerators. The goals of LLRF2013 are to share experiences, present status of our work, and discuss developments and prospects in the field.

Workshop format

Much of each workshop day will consist of circa. 20-minute talks, single-track, with additional time for discussion. One 45-minute tutorial per day will cover fundamental aspects of LLRF system design. A poster session will be held on the third day of the workshop following the morning talks. We encourage attendees to submit an abstract for a poster or talk, but this is not a requirement for attendance. Student and post-doc presentations and participation are particularly encouraged.

See the simplified schedule, or the full-featured indico schedule; the two are intended to agree.


Xilinx    Struck    W-IE-NE-R


Dimtel<    VadaTech    DESY

Topical areas

Application/Accelerator specific needs and techniques


Program committee

Brian Chase (FNAL)
Mark Crofford (ORNL)
Larry Doolittle (LBNL)
Mariusz Grecki (DESY)
Wolfgang Hofle (CERN)
Curt Hovater (Jefferson Lab)
Matthias Liepe (Cornell)
Shinichiro Michizono (KEK)
Alex Ratti (LBNL)
Stefan Simrock (ITER)
Kevin Smith (BNL)
Steve Smith (SLAC)
Dmitry Teytelman (Dimtel, Inc.)